About Ben Lopez

Ben is a writer, producer, director and president of VientoFuego Productions.

Born in Mexico City and raised in Arizona, he began his career as production assistant to British director Rob Walker and the Latino Producers Academy, a National Association of Independent Producers signature program. Seeking well-rounded industry experience, Ben honed his skills with his continued involvement in the Producers Academy and a variety of independent film productions.

In 2005, he quickly moved on to produce a series of shorts films in Arizona and Mexico, including five with award winning director Rudy Joffroy. During this period, Ben also wrote, produced and directed several shorts, most notably,
Cristos, a collaboration with Arizona-based cinematographer, Jorge Luis Urbina. Following these short films, Ben set his eyes on the development of his own feature length projects and the infrastructure to internationally distribute them.

In 2006, Ben founded VientoFuego Productions and launched the website: www.vientofuego.com. In 2007, Ben wrote, produced and directed La Venganza, a Spanish language feature film that helped VientoFuego pave the way to a multi-picture deal with a US Latino and Latin American content distributor. As the first feature under the VientoFuego Productions banner, La Venganza secured distribution internationally on DVD and is broadcast on Cine Mexicano, a satellite network.

Equipped with the market demand and platform to distribute his original content, Ben focused on the writing and development of several of his short stories into feature-length screenplays. In 2007, Ben wrote and produced
Caramelo, a Spanish language feature. While supervising post-production on Caramelo, Ben co-wrote, produced and directed Sexo en Paraiso (Sex in Paradise) and Amor de Lejos (Love from Afar).

Currently, Ben is busy developing a film slate for VientoFuego productions that includes
La Mujer del Desierto, SuperCartel, Sangre y Poder, The Gambler and the feature version of Cristos.

When Ben is not developing narrative fiction projects, Ben loves producing documentaries, music videos and spending time with his family.


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